January 27th Member Appreciation

The Minnesota West Coast Swing Dance Club’s
Member Appreciation Dance – Free for members
Fourth Friday Dance — lesson included with paid admission
At the B-Dale Club in Roseville from 7:30 until midnight
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When:       January 27th, 2023
Where:      B-Dale Club, 2100 N. Dale Street, Roseville
      Basic:     7:30 – 8:00 pm
      Intermediate:     8:00 – 8:30 pm
Instructor:    Denny Hukriede
Dance:      8:30 pm – Midnight
DJ:             Club DJ

No partners necessary for lessons or the dances
The intermediate lesson is a follow-up of the January 13 lesson, teaching several
more eight-count whip patterns — A cut-off whip, A reverse whip, A hand-change whip
and A cut-in whip — to add fun to your West Coast Swing dancing.
If you were at the last dance lesson, don’t miss this one!

FREE for members only

$12 for guests
$8 for students
$5 for guests arriving after 10PM

Wearing a mask is a personal choice
Masks and Hand Sanitizers will be available

Contact us at Info@MWCSDC.com

See you at the dance!
The MWCSDC board members